Track champions from four different local racing series will be recognized at the annual awards banquet on Saturday, Nov. 11 at the Radisson in Nashua, N.H. Rick Doucette of the Loudon Road Race Series, Shaun Buffington of the Legends' Moat Mountain Road Course Series and Sign Works Oval Series, and Matt Gaudreau of the Sign Works Mini Oval Bandolero Series will all be honored at the dinner, which begins at 6:30 p.m. 

Doucette, a native of Sandown, N.H., returns as the LRRS Track Champion after his six-year reign ended in 2016. Doucette won just one division, the Formula 50 Lights, but finished second or third in nine other motorcycle classes. For Buffington (Plainfield, Conn.), it was the veteran pilot's his fifth straight track championship in the Legends road and mini oval divisions, while Gaudreau (Eastford, Conn.) picked up the Bandolero track title as a 14-year-old rookie.

Here's a list of all the champions that will be receiving an award on Saturday:
Legends Sign Works Oval Series - Shaun Buffington
Rookie of the Year - Ryan DeCandia
Legends Moat Mountain Road Course Series - Shaun Buffington
Sign Works Mini Oval Bandolero Series - Matt Gaudreau
Rookie of the Year - Matt Gaudreau
Loudon Road Race Series Track Champion - Rick Doucette
VANSON Rookie of the Year - Marcus Cheney II
500 Supersport - Branch Worsham
Formula 300 - Gunnar Ouellette
Formula 50 Lights - Rick Doucette
Formula 40 Lights - Charles Sandoz
Formula 40 Unlimited - Eric Wood
GTL - Samuel Greenwood
GTO - Cory Hildebrand
GTU - Scott Greenwood
Heavyweight Superbike - Scott Greenwood
Heavyweight Supersport - Scott Greenwood
Lightweight Grand Prix - Samuel Greenwood
Lightweight Sportsman - Rick Breen
Lightweight Superbike - Charles Sandoz
Lightweight Supersport - Brett Guyer
Middleweight Formula 40 - Scott Greenwood
Middleweight Grand Prix - Scott Greenwood
Middleweight Superbike - Scott Greenwood
Middleweight Supersport - Scott Greenwood
Motard - Kevin Allen
Super Singles - Rick Breen
Super Twins - Richard O'Connor
Thunderbike - Charles Sandoz
Ultralight Grand Prix - Larry Stuteville
Ultralight Superbike - Peter Gaboriault
Ultralight 300 - Gunnar Ouellette
Unlimited Grand Prix - Eric Wood
Unlimited Superbike - Eric Wood
Unlimited Supersport - Eric Wood