Local business owners rarely take a day off, so for some motorcycle racers in the Loudon Road Race Series, they use New Hampshire Motor Speedway to provide that adrenaline rush they crave while continuing to grow their business.

"The racing really is an extension of the dealership," said Charles "Jesse" Sandoz, expert LRRS rider and owner of Seacoast Sport Cycle in Derry, N.H. "The other owner Jim and I met at the track racing. I love it. It also helps with advertising, and having the racing experience helps customers understand that we know what we're doing and we can help them go faster."

Round six of the 2019 Loudon Road Race Series season hit the 1.6-mile road course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this past weekend, and many riders, like  Sandoz and Scott Mullin are able to combine their passion for motorcycle racing with their everyday work in the motorsports industry.

"It's definitely a natural progression between being at the shop, working with my family and being in the motorcycle industry," said Mullin, expert LRRS rider and owner of Souhegan Valley Motorsports in Milford, N.H. "Getting everything built and accessorized during the week is a lot of fun, and then being able to bring it to the track on the weekends and race with all these guys is an absolute blast."

While some riders find it helpful and nearly seamless to combine their work with their passion through LRRS, other riders struggle to find that balance, but make it a priority to do so, using LRRS weekends to fuel their need for speed and escape from the everyday grind.

"I want to do this, so I take the time out like anyone would in any business.," said Michael Dimond, amateur LRRS rider and owner of Michael Dimond Carpentry in Raymond, N.H. "I come here for relaxation and the camaraderie. That's what it's all about here."

Owning a business is certainly a time commitment, as is motorcycle racing, and while finding the balance may take extra effort, these local business owners seem to be finding that sweet spot. Sandoz took home three wins, two top threes and a top five while Mullin closed the weekend with a top three and a top 10 finish and Dimond went home with a win, two top threes and a top 10 finish.

The Loudon Road Race Series returns to New Hampshire Motor Speedway October 5-6 for round seven, which will wrap up the 2019 LRRS season prior to the awards banquet in November.

Check out the full results from all races: https://trackintel.com/ti/lrrs/ajax2014/results/index.html

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