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Bobby Santos III Takes the Win in

        Musket 250 Presented by Whelen

        The Franklin, Mass. native earned his sixth career
        win at “The Magic Mile” during the second annual

        Full Throttle Fall Weekend.

        Bobby Santos III pushed the No. 36 Dodge to the front
        of the field when it counted last September, winning the
        longest-mileage and richest purse race on the NASCAR
        Whelen Modified Tour. Santos landed in victory lane at
        New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the sixth time in his
        career; this time after winning the Musket 250 presented
        by Whelen, the highlight of Full Throttle Fall Weekend.

        “I saw the front, and I knew if I could put myself in position to be
        leading this thing and fight for the lead from the top two spots,       Top 10
        we’d have a shot at it,” said Franklin, Mass. native Santos.            Driver	          Start	  Finish
                                                                                Bobby Santos III  5 th  1  st
        Santos hung around the bottom of the top 10 with Ron Silk and           Jon McKennedy    2 nd  2  nd
        Justin Bonsignore, bouncing back and forth between the top two          Doug Coby        1 st  3  rd
        positions for most of the race but worked his way through the           Chuck Hossfeld   15 th  4  th
        pack to the front of the field, earning the top spot and playing        Justin Bonsignore 3 rd  5  th
        defense for the final laps to capture the checkered flag.               Matt Swanson     13 th  6  th
                                                                                Rob Summers      18 th  7  th
        “This is awesome,” said Santos. “As far as race wins and                Chris Pasteryak   24 th  8  th
        competition in this series, it doesn’t get much better. I’d put the     Gary Putnam      21 st  9  th
        top 10 in this race up against anybody anywhere, so to win here         Craig Lutz       12     10 th
        against these guys means a lot.”
                                                                                Lap Leaders
            “As far as race wins and competition in this series,                Driver	          Laps	Led

                         it doesn’t get much better.”                           Jon McKennedy       93
                                                                                Ron Silk
                                                                                Justin Bonsignore    41
        After receiving a big hug and congratulations in victory lane           Rob Summers         25
        from team owner Dave Sapienza, who injured his back in a race           Craig Lutz           13
        earlier in the season, Santos was presented with a custom musket,       Doug Coby            9
        traditional Revolutionary War-era tricorn hat and a minuteman           Matt Swanson         5
        trophy from David McGrath, executive vice president and general         Bobby Santos III     5
        manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway.                                Tommy Catalano       3

        The handmade flintlock musket was built by Edwin Parry of Black
        Hart Long Arms out of Eastford, Conn. Using a blend of tiger            Misc
        maple and brass, Parry hand engraved the Revolutionary War-             Time	of	Race
        style musket with the race logo, a checkered flag, the profile of       2 hours, 32 minutes, 15 seconds
        the state of New Hampshire and a spot for Santos’s name. Taking         Margin	of	Victory:
        on its New England roots, the trophy is a replica of the Minuteman      0.129 sec
        statue in Concord, Mass., weighing 30 pounds and measuring 32
        inches tall.                                                            Cautions:
                                                                                8 for 36 laps
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