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DIRT                              DON’T                HURT!

        by Shannon Stephens

        Inaugural season for The Flat Track
        – New England’s newest racing                        “We have terrific partners and supporters in the Lakes

        facility – draws crowds and kudos                    Region Chamber of Commerce, and we are deeply
        with motorcycles, legend cars,                       honored to receive this recognition from such an
                                                             important ally in summer tourism,” said Matt Goslant,
        dirt midgets and snowmobiles.                        vice president of operations and development for New
                                                             Hampshire Motor Speedway. “The opening of The Flat
        Two- and four-wheeled action made for an exciting and   Track allowed us to introduce a new chapter of racing to
        memorable inaugural season at New England’s newest   the New England area and enhance the already iconic
        racetrack – The Flat Track at New Hampshire Motor    Laconia Motorcycle Week Rally. This is our newest
        Speedway – which received the Business Inspiration   offering, but stick with us, because we have more in
        Award from the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.     store for New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the future.”
        Business leaders celebrated the new summertime
        feature attraction, called the Laconia Short Track. The   The Business Inspiration Award was given to NHMS and
        new facility kicked off its season and kicked up some   16 area businesses and organizations that invested in
        dust coinciding with the Laconia Motorcycle Week Rally   new construction, renovations or sustainable projects
        last June. The inaugural race drew big numbers, making   that bring value to them and increase the real estate
        New Hampshire Motor Speedway the epicenter of        values in the region. The Flat Track is the first track to be
        Laconia Motorcycle Week action.                      built in New England in the last 26 years.

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