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Twice a year, the tour rolls into NHMS – once as a   Some say the Whelen Modified Tour is the best race
        support division to the NASCAR Cup Series and once   of each NASCAR weekend at NHMS, and it’s hard to
        as the headliner of Full Throttle Fall Weekend. Both   argue against it. Modifieds have produced some of
        times, the racing includes a tight pack, drafting, dicing   the closest finishes in the history of “The Magic Mile,”
        throughout the field and often a finish that brings fans   including in 2008, when Chuck Hossfeld edged the
        to their feet.                                       great Ted Christopher by just .001 seconds in the closest
                                                             finish in the history of the Whelen Modified Tour. The
        “As soon as you drive through the tunnel, you get the   racing keeps you on the edge of your seat from lap one
        goosebumps no matter how many years you have been    through lap 100, or in some cases, lap 250.
        going there and racing,” Justin Bonsignore, a two-time
        NHMS winner, once in a points race in 2016 and once   In 2018, NASCAR and NHMS introduced Full Throttle
        in the All Star Shootout, said. “It’s our Daytona 500.   Fall Weekend, headlined by the Whelen Modified Tour
        Participating there is an honor. It gets you amped up   with a 250-lap event - the Musket 250. Chase Dowling
        because you know it’s going to be intense.”          earned his first Tour win in the thriller, which was the
                                                             longest race in tour history, and just 50 shorter than a
        Bonsignore, who has 27 career Whelen Modified Tour   NASCAR Cup Series race at Loudon. Imagine winning
        wins as of the beginning of July 2020, said winning at   your first race in the most important race of the last
        NHMS is one of the more marquee experiences in his   decade and grabbing a musket gun in victory lane?
        whole career.
                                                             Sounds like a career-defining experience.
        “It was unbelievable to win there,” he said. “We led a lot
        of the race, and even though you have one of the best   “It’s in me; it just doesn’t really sink in yet,” Dowling said
        cars in the field, things don’t always work out to win it.   of his emotions after winning. “I’m through the roof. It
        When I pulled into victory lane and saw the fans in the   was a crazy race overall. I think it was just one of those
        stands and knew the prestige around the whole deal,   things where I was waiting for it to happen. It finally
        it was an awesome experience and something I don’t   happened.”
        forget about to this day.”



                               ABOUT TO THIS DAY.”

                                                 —Justin Bonsignore

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