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        •    APRIL 1  Launch of service allowing

             NHMS Ticket Sales Department to
             communicate with fans via text message
        •    APRIL 17  Fan experience enhancements

             for July race weekend announced include
             a new pre-race setup including the red
             carpet allowing fans with pre-race pit passes
             unprecedented access to the NASCAR Cup
             Series drivers moments before they strap
             in for the race; infield camping behind pit             •   JULY 19  Inaugural Friday Night Dirt
             road; drink rails added throughout the Main                 Duels presented by New England
             Grandstand; turn three camping area; and a                  Racing Fuel at The Flat Track, featuring
             new Fan Zone layout with a new perimeter                    the Granite State Legends Cars and
             road to increase fan safety and enjoyment                   USAC Dirt Midget Association
        •    MAY 1  New NHMS website launched                        •   SEPTEMBER 21  Kevin Lacroix set the

        •    JUNE 6  The Flat Track opens after                          current NHMS record for the best lap
             a ribbon-cutting ceremony                                   time in NASCAR Pinty’s Series qualifying
                                                                         with a speed of 122.706 mph, which
                                                                         translates to a lap time of 31.04 seconds


        •    JUNE 15  American Flat Track makes its debut

             as the first event held at The Flat Track

                                                                     •   FEBRUARY 15  First-ever winter event at The

                                                                         Flat Track marked by Snocross at The Flat
                                                                         Track, featuring the Eastern Snocross Tour

        •    JULY 12  #TheMagicMile sign added

             to area outside of infield tunnel
             across from the Fan Zone

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