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                30 YEARS OF

                   Intense racing, winning moments and passionate race fans
                      all contribute to the meaning behind New Hampshire
                          Motor Speedway’s nickname, “The Magic Mile.”

                                                    by Jared Turner

        In 30 years of racing at New Hampshire Motor         And, of course, there’s no way anyone could have
        Speedway, some things have changed about this        known just how magical “The Magic Mile” would be
        always-popular 1.058-mile track. However, it’s what   throughout 30 years of entertaining fans and racers
        has stayed the same over three decades at “The       from all over North America. Along with being a major
        Magic Mile” that will be remembered most as NHMS     draw simply because of its location (NHMS was and
        commemorates its 30th anniversary season in style this   remains the only NASCAR Cup Series track in New
        weekend with Sunday’s Foxwoods Resort Casino 301     England), the track has become synonymous with
        NASCAR Cup Series race.                              close racing, fantastic finishes and magical moments.
                                                             It’s also gained a reputation as one of the hardest
        When the track first convened for business on June 5,   places to maintain a winning combination from one
        1990, no one could have predicted or imagined that it   race to the next.
        would become the site of the first single-day sporting
        event in New England to eclipse hosting more than    Consider, for example, Kevin Harvick, who comes into
        100,000 guests, which happened on July 9, 2000       this weekend hunting a third consecutive victory here. If
        when the NASCAR Cup Series came to town.             the 2014 Cup Series champion and Stewart-Haas Racing
                                                             driver can pull off the feat, he would be the first.
        Nor was it a sure thing that just three years after
        opening, NHMS would welcome the stars of the         “This is a fairly flat, only seven degrees of banking,
        NASCAR Cup Series in front of a sellout crowd made   1.058-mile oval that I think no one driver comes to New
        up primarily of fans from New England and just north   England and just dominates, though Kevin Harvick has
        of the border in Canada.                             won the last two,” said NHMS executive vice president

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