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and general manager David McGrath. “But I think of   Prior to 1993, NASCAR hadn’t ventured further
            other tracks where I think maybe this driver might   northeast than upstate New York in the sport’s 45-year
            be a shoo-in at Dover or this driver might be a shoo-  history. Competing in New Hampshire meant exposing
            in at Texas, but it’s always kind of a wild card at New   NASCAR to untold tens of thousands of fans who had
            Hampshire, and over the years, I don’t think anybody’s   never witnessed a NASCAR Cup Series event from
            really mastered it who I would say is consistently, year   anywhere besides their couch.
            in and year out, the perennial top favorite to win this
            event. So, I think over the years, the speedway has kind   “There’s a passionate base of race fans in New
            of come into its own and created its own kind of charm,   England,” said McGrath, who assumed his current role
            if you will.”                                       with the speedway in 2015. “We all know the roots of
                                                                our sport is that it’s a Southern sport that began on the
            Among the first to recognize that charm was 1989    beaches of Daytona. So to have the national series at
            NASCAR Cup Series champion Rusty Wallace, who was   the Cup level actually partake in a national race at New
            fortunate enough to score a victory in New Hampshire   Hampshire Motor Speedway in New England is pretty
            Motor Speedway’s inaugural Cup event in 1993. But   darn cool. And, I don’t want to discount our Canadian
            Wallace will remember that first trip here as much   contingent; our Canadian fans are passionate about
            for what it meant to NASCAR as he remembers it for   their motorsports.”
            adding to his personal trophy collection.
            “For me, it was a big deal, because we were going up
            into the extreme Northeast and we were going to see a
            whole bunch of people that we had never seen before,”
            he said. “We were used to seeing everybody around
            the Carolinas and people out in California and all that,
            but all the way up in the Northeast? That was a new
            one for us, and that was a chance for NASCAR to really
            penetrate an area which had a lot of people and to be
            able to get up there and spread the word of NASCAR –
            not only NASCAR, but myself and our sponsors.”

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