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2001                                                        2003

        •   JULY 19  Mike Ewanitsko set the current                 •    Safer barriers added to the corner

            NHMS record for the best lap time in                         walls of the speedway
            NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour qualifying
            with a speed of 132.743 mph, which
            translates to a lap time of 28.693 seconds

        •   NOVEMBER 23  Robby Gordon scored his

            first career NASCAR Cup Series win at the               •    SEPTEMBER 16  Clint Bowyer
            New Hampshire 300 *September race moved                      scored his first career NASCAR Cup
            to November due to September 11*                             Series win at the Sylvania 300
                                                                    •    NOVEMBER 2  O. Bruton Smith, founder,
                                                                         chairman and chief executive officer
        2002                                                             of Speedway Motorsports, agreed to
                                                                         purchase New Hampshire International
        •   The track’s corners were turned into a                       Speedway from Bob and Gary Bahre
            progressive banking system, as the apron
            was paved and became part of the track,
            and the track’s banking was varied from four            2008
            degrees in the lower two lanes to around
                                                                    •    JANUARY 11  Closing documents
            seven degrees in the upper portion.
                                                                         were completed, finalizing the
                                                                         purchase of the newly renamed New
                                                                         Hampshire Motor Speedway
                                                                    •    APRIL 16  NHMS website launched

                                                                    •    JUNE 10  New NHMS entrance, grandstand
                                                                         and infield tunnel signs and Disney-style tram
                                                                         system announced

        •   SEPTEMBER 15  Ryan Newman scored his

            first career NASCAR Cup Series win at the
            New Hampshire 300

                                                                    •    JUNE 13  Speedway World Gift

                                                                         Shop opens at NHMS

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