There was an autumn chill in the air for round six of the Loudon Road Race Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend, and with that came a new winner at the top of the podium after Saturday's Expert Dash for Cash. Rick Doucette took the top spot while Sam Greenwood, son of Scott Greenwood, took second.

"Sammy was in front of me, and I was like 'Alright, he's going to have a million of these, and this is probably the last one I'm going to be able to have. I have to get it done.'" said Doucette after winning $500 in the Expert Dash for Cash. "It feels good to be up here. I didn't really think I was going to be able to get by, and the white flag came out and he just missed it by an inch, and I said 'I can get that' and that was it."

Doucette jokingly thanked Scott Greenwood for not racing, as he was unable to start after he was called in to work.

"I'd like to thank Scotty for not being here. I know it's a technicality, but you ain't gettin' that trophy," laughed Doucette.

Sam Greenwood had a strong race, making his way to the front of the pack until the final lap when Doucette finally got by him.

"If I had a dollar for every time Ricky got me in the last lap, I'd be pretty rich," said Greenwood. "I tried to get him at the bowl, and there's no way you're passing Ricky at the break turn of the bowl. From there I figured I'd stay with him and see if he made a mistake somewhere, but it's Rick Doucette, man of pretty much no mistakes, so I'll take second all day."

The top eight in the Expert Dash for Cash was rounded out by Adam Andrusia, Alex Guilbeault, Paul Duval, Kip Peterson, Ryan Stockman and Anthony Furia.

Doucette finished the weekend with two first place finishes (GTL and MW Grand Prix), two second place finishes (LW Grand Prix and Formula 50 Lights), four third place finishes (Ultralight Superbike, HW Superbike, Combined 300 Superbike and MW Superbike) and one fourth place finish (Combined 300 Supersport).

Tyler Wasserbauer took the win in the Amateur Dash for Cash, and he also took first in the Amateur classes of GTO, Unlimited Grand Prix, HW Superbike, Unlimited Supersport, MW Supersport and Unlimited Superbike.

"It feels good to be up here," said Wasserbauer after his $100 win in the Amateur Dash for Cash. "I had a hell of a start. After a twelve o'clock wheelie out of the gate, I think I got fourth off the start and just worked my way through pretty quick. I got Ian Beam in three, kept my head down and worked through it."

Ian Beam, Jesse Burnett, David Caldwell and Daniel Zimmer rounded out the top five in the Amateur Dash for Cash.

Round seven, the final round of the season, of the Loudon Road Race Series returns to New Hampshire Motor Speedway Sept. 29-30.

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