An enthusiastic crowd was on hand Sunday to see the third and final round of the second annual Extreme Chunkin pumpkin launching contest. Four divisions - Air Cannon, Trebuchet, Catapult/Torsion, Youth Trebuchet - that included 18 teams competed for the longest launched pumpkin, while fans enjoyed exhibition throws of everything from pianos to thousand-pound pumpkins to a boat.

Scroll down for full results from both days of Extreme Chunkin action

   Chunkin Under de Influence out of Millsboro, Del., had the longest shot of the day in the Air Cannon Division at 3,685.34 feet, but American Chunker, the world record holder, held onto its title thanks to its 4,191.28-foot shot on Saturday. Second Amendment Too, the only other machine to exceed 4,000 feet over the weekend, finished second in front of Chunkin Under de Influence.

   Yankee Siege II dominated the Trebuchets, with three throws of more than 2,400 feet. But it did save its best for last, hitting 2,608.44 feet in Sunday's final round. Tired Iron finished second, hitting 1,971.63 feet on its first throw on Saturday, while Lauch-Ness Monster's toss of 1965.89 feet was good enough for third.

   At 3094.26 feet, Chunk Norris hit the best mark of its career on Sunday to win the Catapult/Torsion title. Sir Chunks Alot looked like it may have had something for Chunk Norris, but had to settle for second when its pumpkin exploded at launch. Mista Ballista placed third.

   The Eastern Propane and Fuel Youth Division saw the Yankee Scout trebuchet take home the top prize with a launch of 491.43 feet. Ya Buddy was second, while HANAZU took home third.

   On top of the competition, a 200-foot crane dropped motorcycles, cars, pianos and a 700-pound pumpkin, while the Yankee Siege trebuchet sent pianos, a boat and a 1,300-pound pumpkin across the speedway property to the delight of fans.

Day 1&2 Results
Team, Hometown, Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3 (this was the only shot on Sunday)
    *Winning shot for each division in bold
  **Shots in feet
***Pie is a DNF as the pumpkin turned into pie as it exploded during the shot

Air Cannon
American Chunker, Merrimack, N.H. - 3540.82, 4191.28 (1st), 3628.90
Second Amendment Too, Culpeper, Va. - 3562.89, 4068.33 (2nd), 3564.79 
Chunkin Under de Influence, Millsboro, Del. - 3587.17, 3249.65, 3685.34 (3rd)
Yankee Doodle, Greenfield, N.H. - 3462.55, 3527.62, 3175.51

Yankee Siege II, Greenfield, N.H., 2594.67, 2467.92, 2608.44 (1st)
Hurling Chunks, Oxford, Mass., 281.13, 129.88, 319.49
Launch-Ness Moster, Mont Vernon, N.H., 1643.99, 1965.89 (3rd), Pie
Tired Iron, Hancock, N.H., 1971.62 (2nd), 1630.22, 1586.18

Chunk Norris, Bedford, N.H., 2747.44, Pie, 3094.26 (1st)
Dayton Destroyer, Dayton, Maine, 754.72. 894.56, 850.92
Mista Ballista, Framingham, Mass., 966.00, Pie, 1232.90 (3rd)
Pumpkin Warrior 3, Billerica, Mass., 844.24, Pie, 991.30
Sir Chunks Alot, Berlin, N.J., Pie, 2267.97 (2nd), Pie
Socket Monkey, Stow, Mass., 270.07, 325.93, 369.16

Youth Trebuchet
Yankee Scout, Greenfield, N.H., 477.14, 432.15, 491.43 (1st)
Ya Buddy, N.H., 200.72, 232.04 (2nd), 161.77
Hanazu, Greenfield, N.H., 56.75, 44.11, 61.30 (3rd)
The Clarks Chunker, Andover, Mass., None, 24.57, W/D