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July 2013 Fan Photos

July 2, 2013
Last week, we held a Fan Photo Contest on Facebook to giveaway three garage tours on July 14. Nine finalists were randomly selected and winners were picked by fan vote. Here are some of the entries we received.
  • Contest winner submitted by David Williams: My son Brayden last year at the Sept. race standing next to his favorite driver's car by the Lite Lobster Lounge.
  • Contest winner submitted by Peter Surmanis: 85 degrees out and still wearing his jacket - now that's a fan!
  • Contest winner submitted by Michael Rockwood: Loudon race, fall 2011.
  • Submitted by Lucas McAfee: Honeymooning on top of the war wagon!
  • Submitted by Mary Jane Ainsworth: Kenny Wallace Fan Club Meet and Greet.
  • Submitted by Kathy Moretti: Hey Everyone, having a BLAST at the Magic Mile!
  • Submitted by Carrie Bailey: Took my boyfriend to the race in Loudon New Hampshire as a birthday present and it was my first time ever going to a nascar race. We stayed at a hotel and little did we know that some of the nascar trucks would be there too. It was a great time and hoping this time will be even better.
  • Submitted by Pierre Faucher: Miss Coors Light and me.
  • Submitted by Kristina Emery: The things you hear on the headsets makes the race that much more interesting!!
  • Submitted by Carol Kelley: Most favorite memory. Mike cried ..he met his hero. Matt his younger brother said pinch this real.
  • Submitted by Stephanie Ford: Two years ago I ended up in the hospital and missed the race. Last year I finally got to go and my favorite driver won.
  • Submitted by Andrea Merrill: Fast Fun for EVERYONE!!!
  • Submitted by Tina Stacy: Surprise!!!! We're going to Loudon July 2012.
  • Submitted by Grant Lynch: Let's go racinnnnnnnn ... Boys!!!
  • Submitted by Francis Poulin: July 2010 race....having fun...
  • Submitted by Christie Mitchell: That’s right, I’m a Kyle Busch Fan… Go ahead you can say it…. you are too!