On NASCAR weekends, if you arrive from the south, general parking can be accessed through the South Entrance.  If you arrive from the north, general parking can be accessed through the North Entrance.  Stickered parking (VIP, Premium, or handicapped) may be accessed by proceeding to the Main Entrance.

The gates to the daily parking lots will open by 6 a.m. on race days.  There is no overnight parking in these lots, so cars must be moved in a timely fashion following the race.

On non-NASCAR weekends, please proceed to the Main Entrance unless traffic signs direct you to the South Entrance (like during Gift of Lights or Extreme Chunkin).

Traffic Flow

After the race, everyone who entered from the south will be directed to return to the south via the South Entrance.  Likewise, general parking arrivals entering from the north will be sent home north via the North Entrance.  Only traffic exiting the Main Entrance is allowed to proceed either north or south on N.H. Route 106.