If you've never been to a NASCAR race, it's time to attend!

It's all about the experience!

The experience of a NASCAR race day is unique to any other event.  We've seen many first-time fans that got dragged to a race with no interest in the sport, and left looking forward to coming back to the next race.

So, what sold them?

Race Day Experience

Not a big fan of racing (yet)?  You don't have to be to have an amazing day at NHMS.

A visit to NHMS transcends the three hours of racing and encompasses an entire day of activities.  The fans go big on tailgating, often starting with breakfast.  In addition, the Fan Zone setup just south of the track gives visitors the unique (and free) opportunity to interact with the brands of many of our partners.

We also have a pre-race concert and offer a pre-race pit pass that allows you to get frontstage for the concert and driver introductions to feel like you're a part of the experience, not just a spectator.

Sensory Experience

When you attend other sporting events, you'll use your eyes to watch and your ears to listen, but have you ever been able to feel or smell another sport?  Probably not.

Here you can feel the ground shake as the field takes the green flag and smell the burning rubber and revving engines of the cars.

Viewing Experience

Despite the stereotype, NASCAR is much more than cars just turning left.  Try renting a FanVision or Racing Electronics scanner.  These give a unique perspective of the conversations going on with the teams during the race, and gives insight to their race and pit strategies.

Just be mindful ... we take no responsibility for a driver's choice of words in the heat of a bad moment.