Please call our ticket office at 833-4Loudon (833-456-8366) if you need special seating accommodations:

  • Wheelchair seating is located in multiple areas around the grandstands, and can be purchased in advance or on race day based on availability. An adjacent companion seat can be purchased for each wheelchair ticket purchased, as well as more nearby if you're traveling with a larger group.
  • Semi-ambulatory seating is available for those who have mobility limitations and need a seat on an aisle near a ramp. Let us know your specific situation and we'll do everything we can to get you something that will meet your needs.

There are a limited number of elevators on property that provide access to the top of the Grandstands.  Due to space limitation, use of speedway elevators for assisting handicap guests to their grandstand seat is limited to one additional person.



All of the parking on NHMS property is free. You will see private lots offering fee-based parking along Route 106 as you approach the track, but those lots are not part of the speedway operations and are not supported by on-site transportation.

There are five lots reserved for disabled parking - a primary and two overflows on the south end of the track you can reach through the Main Entrance, and a primary and one overflow on the north end accessible through the TV Entrance. All five of these lots are serviced by the trams and golf cart shuttles.  Please review the Parking Map to locate these entrances.

If you're coming in an RV/camper you can purchase a camping pass, and there is an RV/camper lot designated for disabled patrons.


Getting Around

There are two forms of complementary transportation:

  • Large passenger trams operate continuously around three routes (Red, Blue, and Yellow).  Each route has designated pickup/drop-off locations clearly marked by Tram Stop signs.  We recommend getting familiar with the Tram Routes Map prior to the visit.
  • A fleet of golf cart shuttles also circulates around the facility on racedays.  These shuttles are white passenger carts with blue awnings, labeled as "SHUTTLE," and several of them have been modified to accommodate wheelchairs. They run on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have trouble spotting one, please call the Main Office at (603) 783-4931 to request one to your location.

Trams and shuttles operate from when the gates open until approximately 1 hour after the race. There is, however, a "blackout" period immediately following the event when the shuttles and trams stop running for a brief time to allow pedestrians a chance to exit the grandstands safely. Please anticipate some wait time during peak demand immediately before and after the race.

Keep in mind that some golf carts might be empty but pre-assigned to a pick-up location for someone that called in.  Also note that golf carts not marked "SHUTTLE" are for working employees and cannot offer rides.

You can bring a wheelchair or a Rascal/Hoveround-type scooter to the facility, but the following items are NOT allowed: segway transporter, personal golf cart, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), skateboards, or roller blades.


Assistance and Services

If you require assistance during your visit, please:

  • ask one of our staff wearing a yellow, Security uniform jacket
  • check in at the Information Booth located at the gazebo near the South Ticket Booth
  • visit the Main Office in the building near the Concord Grandstand
  • call Guest Services at (603) 783-4931

First Aid stations can be found at the two locations indicated on the map near the Main Grandstand. For medical emergencies, please contact the nearest track employee immediately.

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are clearly marked with a wheelchair plaque outside the entrance.  The Frank Webb Bath Center, located south of the Concord Grandstand, includes accessible bathrooms and shower facilities and has a convenient tram stop right next to it.


Service animals are welcome for visitors who need assistance due to a visual or other impairment. These animals must remain leashed and harnessed at all times, and the owner is responsible for collecting and disposing of waste. If you require the use of a service animal, you should request wheelchair seating to allow comfortable accommodation for the animal.

Please keep in mind that NASCAR is very loud and dogs have far more acute hearing than humans.  Ear protection for your service animal would be a common courtesy for your companion.