Chances are that if you're on this website, you have a desire to go fast!  At NHMS, we offer that opportunity throughout our on-track season from April through October.

For those looking to make an investment in racing, we have our Granite State Legends Cars dealership which has ready-to-race cars and can get you fully outfitted for racing legends or bandoleros in our local series.  If you prefer two wheels, we sanction the Loudon Road Race Series, which races motorcycles as a part of a monthly Championship Cup Series event.

We also rent the facility to many clubs that range from sports cars to motorcycles to bicycles, and encourage enthusiasts to check out any clubs of interest and get involved.  There's an opportunity for everyone!

Lastly, we welcome several different racing experiences to the track for the casual race fan simply looking for an exciting day of speed.  These experiences range from a high-speed ride-along to the opportunity to take a driving class and jump behind the wheel of a real race car for some hot laps.

Please check out the different opportunities for a schedule of events.  We look forward to helping you satisfy that need for speed!