New Hampshire Motor Speedway lent a helping hand to A Little Folks School in Manchester with a $500 donation after the school had been broken into and robbed.

The opening teacher arrived yesterday morning to find the day care on Goffs Falls Road had been vandalized. Locked cabinets had been broken, money stolen, and games children were allowed to bring during the summer months were taken.

"Much of the money taken was for the children's field trips to McDonalds, Livingston Park, Chucky Cheese, and an ice cream outing to celebrate school starting," said Judy Patriquin Director of A little Folks School. "The vandals also broke into the cabinet with Nintendo DS games which are pretty expensive," she said.

Since the story of the break-in was released this morning, the local community has shown support by sending donations to the school.

"When I heard about the break-in and vandalism, I knew this was an opportunity for the speedway to help the kids of A little Folks School," said Jerry Gappens, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "Youth programs like summer camps are the fabric of what is pure and whole in our communities," he said.

"I am just so happy with all of the support that the local community has shown for our school. Since the break-in occurred we have had numerous people call in with donations, it's amazing and any little bit is a help," said Patriquin. "I even had one of the six year olds come in with 22 cents asking if it would help for the field trips."

A Little Folks School on Goffs Falls Road has been open since 1976 and in the 35 years of operation there has never once been a break-in.