At first glance, fans attending the LENOX Industrial Tools 301 might not recognize New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but one look up and there is no doubt that they will know where they are.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway is undergoing a new and improved look.  Fans who pass the speedway are sure to notice the obvious improvements to the signs facing Route 106.  The Main, North and South entrances are now marked with bigger and brighter signs, including modern, electronic message boards on two of the signs.  Branding of New Hampshire Motor Speedway is evident on elevator towers, along the face of the VIP Suites and the main entrance.  In addition, a new design is featured on the infield tunnel entrance and exit.

Inside the property, upgrades continue.  The grandstands will be identified with larger banners, making it easier for fans to find their seats.  The bathrooms and concessions stands are now color-coded for easier identification.  Additionally, 200 portable restrooms will be available during the event weekends.

Routes around the property have been paved and redefined for more efficient traffic flow, and to enable lanes for the new tram system.  New directional signage has been erected to guide guests out of the property after the race.

"Our Chairman, Bruton Smith, is known for his vision and commitment to providing world-class facilities for our fans," said Jerry Gappens, executive vice president and general manager of the speedway.  "We are in the very early stages of the first phase of improvements to our facility.  As Bruton likes to say, 'We'll make enough changes, you're bound to like some of them!'" 

The cosmetic enhancements are impressive, but less obvious changes will also make for a more enjoyable experience.  Upgrades have been made to the PA system and the television compound to improve the fan experience.

Besides being responsible to its guests, New Hampshire Motor Speedway also recognizes its need to be a good neighbor in the community.  In an effort to be more ‘green', all of dumpsters on property have been replaced with a new sealed system that keeps waste contained and is eventually transported off property.

There is no doubt that New Hampshire Motor Speedway has transformed from the inside out.  But no matter what it looks like, New Hampshire Motor Speedway's main focus still remains the same - to give the fans the best possible experience every time they come to visit.

Tickets are still available for the LENOX Industrial Tools 301 on June 29, and the SYLVANIA 300 on September 14. For more information, visit online at or call the speedway Ticket Hotline at (603) 783-4931.