September 22, 2018

Pre-race pit passes are good on the Saturday morning of the Full Throttle Fall Weekend, and include access to the pit area and the garages.  Passes are not good for access on Friday.

1. Entering

In order to enter the infield on race day, fans will be required to sign a waiver, which will be located at the infield tunnel, as well as the entrances near the Main and North Ticket Booths.  This waiver must be signed in order to receive a pre-race pit pass wristband for access. The wristband must be worn at all times and visible to enter the infield tunnel.

Infield access will be limited to the tunnel only until the conclusion of NASCAR's pace car training, at which point fans may also use one of four crossover gates located on the frontstretch.

Please be courteous of drivers and crew members.  The drivers are not a guaranteed part of the pre-race pit pass experience and interaction with them should be considered a bonus.  Understand that most drivers are on tight schedules on race day and will not have time to give autographs or attention to every fan.

Coolers and beverages are not allowed on pit road and must be left outside of the infield.

2. Exiting

Crossover gates will close to fans 10 minutes following driver introductions for the opening race.  In an effort to help clear the area, security will begin shuttling fans through the crossover gates before the driver introductions begin.

Once the crossover gates are closed, anyone in the infield will need to walk around the track through the Turn 2 tunnel, which is a much further walk than utilizing the on-track crossover gates.


Attire for Garage and Pits

Shirts and pants (including shorts, short sleeve or sleeve-less shirts and blouses); dresses; and/or skirts are required.  Footwear is required, and open-toed shoes are acceptable.

Clothing must be appropriate for a major sporting event and family environment. Bathing suits are prohibited.

Minors are allowed in the pre-race area exclusively with a pre-race pit pass, and will not be signed-in on any other track credential.

NASCAR or New Hampshire Motor Speedway may determine, in the best interest of the sport, that certain attire is unsuitable.