Where do I purchase tickets?

You can purchase your tickets online or at the Main Entrance at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. All traffic will enter the Gift of Lights using the South Entrance and follow the Gift of Lights course that leads to the Main Entrance where tickets can be purchased.

Where is the best place to park at the Speedway?

Parking for Gift of Lights is located behind the Main Office if you're looking to visit with Santa Claus after driving through the light show. If you're not driving through the light show, and you only want to visit with Santa Claus, parking is in front of the Main Office. We have unreserved handicapped parking areas offered on a first come first served basis to those with government-issued passes. There is handicapped parking behind the Main Office.

How much does it cost for a bus load to drive through the Gift of Lights?

Admission for buses is $25/bus (up to 15 people). Buses containing more than 15 people will also be charged $2/person for anyone over the 15.

How do I listen to Christmas music as I'm driving through the Gift of Lights?

Tune your car radio to 87.9 FM to listen to Christmas and holiday music while driving through the Gift of Lights.

Will there be concessions open on property?

There will be a concession stand located behind the Main Office with hot chocolate and fried dough from 4-9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays (through December 21).

How do I contact someone at the Speedway in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, please locate the nearest New Hampshire Motor Speedway employee or call Operations at (603) 513-5726 for any non-life-threatening emergencies. For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.

Do I walk or drive through the course?

This light display is designed for you to drive your vehicle. Everyone must stay inside the vehicle at all times until you arrive at the end of the course in the parking lot.

Can I take pictures?

Pictures of the lights are allowed, but we ask that you stay in your vehicle at all times until you are safely in the parking lot at the end of the route. You may pull off to the side of the route if you would like to not interrupt traffic flow while you take photos from inside your vehicle.

What are the restrictions?

No weapons of any kind, unmanned aircraft (including drones) or items restricted by federal law. Unattended items may be removed by speedway officials. You must stay in your car at all times.

Where is the nearest ATM located?

There will not be an ATM located on property during Gift of Lights, however credit and debit cards are accepted at the Main Entrance for admission, at the concession stand, in the Main Office for pictures with Santa Claus and at Speedway World Gift Shop.

Where are the restrooms located?

Restrooms are located behind the concession stand next to the Main Office. Two port-o-lets will be located at the Main Entrance as well.

Where is Lost and Found located?

The Lost and Found is located in the Main Office at the main desk. Please ask the manager, and they will get it for you.

What is the pet policy?

Dogs are allowed on property, but they must be on a leash at all times, and the dog owner is responsible for properly cleaning up after their dog.