At Speedway Motorsports, Inc., (NYSE:TRK) going green doesn’t just mean the drop of the flag, it is a companywide commitment to reducing material use, recycling materials, tires and oil, improving air and water quality and decreasing energy and water consumption.  In fact, SMI’s Green Globe program, launched in 2011, is  delivering a dramatic improvement in the company’s environmental track-print.

SMI operates eight of the country’s largest sporting facilities, including Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, GA; Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN; Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC; Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA; Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY; Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, NV; New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH; Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX.

“We’re proud of the environmental improvements made at all of the SMI facilities to create unique programs to reduce waste, save energy and recycle materials, and we’ve used that learning to benchmark their processes for the entire organization,” said Marcus Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Speedway Motorsports, Inc.  “In our third year of this initiative, we’ve made great gains in our recycling and conservation efforts, dramatically improving our environmental track-print across the country.”

The SMI Green Globe initiatives include:


  • During all NASCAR events, a single stream recycling unit is used throughout the property, including the suites, grandstands, campgrounds and parking lots.
  • Recycled tires are used for creating rubber-based asphalt and playground padding

Recycling Materials

  • Recycled plastics are used as trash can liners throughout the company
  • Concession stands and vendors use biodegradable paper trays and liners, and 90 percent of the cups used are made from recycled or biodegradable materials.
  • All suite paper products are made from recycled or biodegradable materials; from napkins and paper plates to toilet paper and paper towels
  • SMI tracks partner with bottlers to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

At-Track Recycling Per Season

  • Aluminum – 9,963 lbs.
  • Cardboard & Paper – 4 tons
  • Glass – 9,209 lbs.
  • Plastics – 9,549 lbs.
  • Steel – 25,920 lbs.
  • Tires – 14,000

Safety-Kleen Oil Recycling

  • Safety-Kleen aids each SMI Track with oil recycling: 
  • Atlanta – 3,000 gallons recycled per year
  • Bristol – 5,000 gallons recycled per year
  • Charlotte – 15,000 gallons recycled per year
  • Infineon – 6,500 gallons recycled per year
  • Kentucky – 2,500 gallons recycled per year
  • Las Vegas – 8,000 gallons recycled per year
  • New Hampshire – 3,000 gallons recycled per year
  • Texas – 5,000 gallons recycled per year

Solar Power

  • Infineon Raceway has partnered with Panasonic to install a major solar-electric-power-generating system with nearly 1,700 solar panels with a capacity of more than 350 kilowatts that accounts for over 41% of Infineon Raceway’s energy use.
  • Infineon has installed a new dual-sided, 100% solar powered LED display board.

Green Payroll System

  • In 2012, SMI’s Corporate Office implemented the first paperless payroll system.  Absolutely NO paper is used.  Payroll Reports are available online to view, print and/or save electronically.  Employee Vouchers (paycheck copies) are available to the employees online (24 hours prior to pay date) for viewing – or printing, if necessary.  VERY GREEN and cost effective!

Environmentally Friendly Products

  • SMI tracks have implemented the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Biodegradable soaps and cleaners are used at SMI tracks.
  • SMI tracks are in the process of changing all diesel mowers to propane.

Energy Savings

  • Geothermal energy is used to power the Media Center and Neon Garage at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • Atlanta Motor Speedway changed all bulbs to T-8 fluorescent bulbs.
  • Atlanta, Charlotte, Las Vegas, New Hampshire and Texas Motor Speedways use LED track lighting for Holiday light shows.

Water Savings

  • Waterless urinals are used which reduce water consumption by 36%.
  • Treat waste water.
  • Liquid fertilizer is used to keep the water shed uncontaminated.
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway strategically placed ponds on property to catch excess dirt that would normally flow into local streams and rivers.

Tree Planting

  • SMI has partnered with NASCAR to plant trees in local communities as part of a program to neutralize the carbon produced by race events.
  • 300 trees were planted in 2011 as part of this program.