The NHMS team has worked hard to improve the camping experience for our guests.  Changes include transitioning all camping spaces into reserved, widening spaces from 18 feet to 20 feet and reducing prices for designated spaces.

Calls to reserve spaces will be processed starting on January 12 at 9:00 AM.  The NHMS Guest Services team is available to help campers through the process and reservations will be processed in the order they are received.  Please call (603) 783-4931 for personal assistance.

Please review the map of your preferred lot, featuring a space grid with rows and numbers and an aerial photo to help reference location.  For the most efficient servic when calling, refer to the maps and the length of the RV unit (including hitch to rear bumper).

Camping Lot Maps:

N1 Lot
N5 Lot (north half)
N5 Lot (south half)
N8 Lot
S4 Lot
S6 Lot (overview)
S6 Lot (Part 1)
S6 Lot (Part 2)
S6 Lot (Part 3)
S6 Lot (Part 4)
S9 Lot (handicap)
S9 Lot (standard)

Spaces can be combined to accommodate units of different sizes in order to allow groups to camp together.  The staff is would be happy to work to help arrange a group.  Please note that hitches must always face out or be accessible from the fire lane.

Any claimed spaces that are not paid for or on a payment plan by January 30 will become available to the general public.