To sign up for Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing, please click here.

Once you've created a team, you may join "Fans of NHMS" by clicking here.


For the second time in less than a month, New Hampshire Motor Speedway is launching a "Fans of NHMS" fantasy racing group and you are encouraged to join! After the initial privately-designed group reached a maximum capacity of 100 players, Yahoo agreed to specially create a group for NHMS to allow everyone associated with the track an opportunity to compete for auto racing supremacy. The game is free to play and simple to learn.

Fans, media, employees, celebrities and anyone that somehow doesn't fall under that umbrella is being encouraged to sign up and create a team for free at Once the team is created, it's simple to join the "Fans of NHMS" group by clicking on this link or by joining private group with ID 35 and password nhms.

Some of the competition will include NHMS Exec. VP/GM Jerry Gappens, Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing writer Dan Beaver and WMUR-9 Sports Anchor Jamie Staton. Prizes will be awarded to the top fan finishes. Additionally, everyone that beats Jerry Gappens will receive a small prize, courtesy of NHMS.

Those that joined the original, privately-designed NHMS group are being encouraged to switch over to this group instead. Yahoo users may enter their team in up to three different groups, but the original group will become defunct as the new group populates.

The first day of scoring will be the Daytona 500 and team rosters must be set by 1:25 p.m. EST on Feb. 26 to receive credit for the race. Players may join the "Fans of NHMS" group even after the first race and carry their team's points with them. Additionally, users may create a team later in the season (although, they won't receive credit for any races before their team was created).

So, how do you sign up!? It's easy and free!

(You can skip ahead if you don't need the step-by-step.)
-You'll need a Yahoo account. Again, this is free.
-Click here to visit and get started.
-Click "Sign Up Now" and create your team.

-Once you've created a team, you may click here for the quick link to the group or click the "Join Group" button, then click "Select" under join a PRIVATE GROUP. *NOTE: The "Fans of" groups are designed by Yahoo for fans of certain drivers. You may join as many of these as you like as well, but you must JOIN A PRIVATE GROUP to play with NHMS.
-When prompted, enter the League ID# - 35 and password - nhms
-After clicking "Continue," you will be asked to confirm by clicking "Join Group."

Once you're in, you can start constructing your team!

All rules and scoring will be regulated by Yahoo's standard scoring system and NHMS has no control over this system. Here are the most basic tips and rules to keep in mind:

-You need to start one A-list driver, two B-list drivers and one C-List driver per week. You also want to fill up your bench with the same number of subs.
-You may only start a driver nine times throughout the season, so be smart about when you use a driver.
-A driver on the bench won't use a start and won't get race points, but will get points if they qualify in the top four.
-Be sure to check Yahoo deadlines of when you need to pick your team and until when you can swap drivers between the Start and Bench positions.

Good luck. Live Free and Race!