New Hampshire Motor Speedway was honored with a pair of awards at this week's NASCAR Summit in Concord, N.C. Andy "Sippy" Biron received the Above and Beyond Award, while the NHMS Infield Care Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center won the Teamwork Award.

This was the second time in four years that the Above and Beyond Award has gone to a New Hampshire Motor Speedway representative. The award, which is not presented on an annual basis, but is instead provided to a special person who goes above and beyond in contributing their expertise and time to improve the quality of care to members of the NASCAR family. 

Biron, a member of the Speedway Safety Services team at NHMS, approached NASCAR in 2014 about raising money for the NASCAR Foundation. He worked tirelessly, along with some friends to introduce the idea of a Trivia Showdown. He researched for hours to find pertinent trivia - from easy to difficult, provided all the necessary paperwork, and the referees, along with the idea of having a celebrity as trivia host master. This idea developed into a very successful annual event with $4,429.27 being raised in 2015. 

"This should really read NH Motor Speedway/Speedway Safety Services. It's a team effort," Biron said on his Facebook page. "It was just a crazy idea to have fun and laugh with some friends while in N.C."

The Teamwork Award is presented to an outstanding group of medical professionals that staff the infield care center. This year's recipients were a great addition to the NASCAR family, hosting their first-ever NASCAR event. From the moment that the possibility existed that Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center would be sponsoring the New Hampshire Motor Speedway infield care center, it was all hands on deck. Each individual excelled in gathering the necessary information and equipment to assure that each medical standard was met, if not exceeded. They quickly educated themselves seeking information from the liaisons, experienced track personnel and helicopter staff. Hospital staff attended track training; quickly gaining camaraderie and confidence from the track's EMS personnel.

The NASCAR Summit, the largest gathering of track services, medical, safety, and security personnel in the motorsports industry, features general sessions and smaller breakout seminars and workshops specific to each functional area. This year's event included more than 30 focused sessions on topics ranging from incident management to severe weather protocol. Senior Communication Consultant for Game On Nation and former NFL player Leonard Wheeler, a renowned expert in leadership development, delivered the keynote address for the event.