New Hampshire Motor Speedway officials jumped, heck they sprinted, at the chance to partner with Get Fit NH. The strength and conditioning program has been training speedway employees for the last two years, but the new partnership will make Get Fit NH the "Official Gym of New Hampshire Motor Speedway."

"We are absolutely thrilled to continue to bring our world-class fitness coaching to this world-class organization," said Dean Carlson, a certified trainer and owner of Get Fit NH. "I can always count on a smiling face and enthusiasm when we get down to the business of getting fit, and I count it a great privilege to be called "coach" by this amazing group of people."

Get Fit NH, which uses the motto "We make our clients better, not just tired," has locations in Concord and Epsom, N.H. Get Fit NH focuses on several training formats, including movement and mobility, primary training, the finisher (high-intensity intervals) and injury prevention.

Get Fit NH is designed for people who are committed to getting fit and healthy. Most customers who attend Get Fit NH enjoy being in a fun, supportive environment, working together to reach their fitness goals. It encourages people of all fitness levels, ages, shapes, sizes to be the best that they can be.

"In NASCAR, drivers and crews must be in top physical condition to be successful," said Jerry Gappens, executive vice president and general manager of the speedway. "Our NHMS team is no different. Physical fitness means fewer injuries on the job, fewer sick days, and it means we are better prepared to serve our fans. Bottom line: A healthy lifestyle is the result of better choices."

Carlson has been coaching Gappens and the team at NHMS for over two years through Get Fit NH's corporate onsite fitness coaching program. A huge NASCAR fan, Carlson said it was been "really cool to get to know the team at NHMS and learn a little more about how a major sports entity functions. I had been to Sprint Cup races there before we started working with them, but I had absolutely no idea how busy that place is and all the different things they do."