Six feet of snow. Below zero temperatures. This is New England at its worst, but warmer weather is in the air!

The old adage says if you don't like the weather here, wait five minutes. In light of recent events, that adage doesn't seem to be holding true, so at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, we have a new suggestion: wait until the Daytona 500.

The NASCAR season is quickly approaching and it brings with it the reminder of warmth. Daytona Beach is expecting temperatures in the high 70s this coming Sunday for the opening race of the season, and that's enough to get us excited.

We aren't expecting New England to hit temperatures like that in the near future, but the beginning of the season means we can officially start the countdown to when racing returns to the Magic Mile. That brings with it warm temperatures, green grass and hot asphalt.

Racing is an integral part of the New England summer. Despite the weather, we're hard at working getting ready for the upcoming season when we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Shouldn't you be doing the same?

The 2015 season at NHMS will be unlike any other in our history.

To get you excited in these cold months, we're providing a series of ticket-buying incentives. We've already awarded a Harley Davidson to 10-year season ticket holder Michael Maschio for renewing his tickets by the deadline last fall. Then, in January, we gave out a commemorative 25th Anniversary poster for each Sunday ticket purchased.

Those offers have passed, but we have a new deal that we think you'll love.

Starting February 1 and running through March 25, we're offering a 1/24-size diecast pace car replica to any ticket-related purchases totaling over $125. The more you purchase, the more cars you'll receive (the opportunity to receive multiple cars starts with purchases of $225 or more).

If you haven't purchased yet, now is the time. You've already missed out on the Harley Davidson and the posters, don't let the opportunity to get your hands on one of these collector's items pass you by.

Tickets may be purchased by calling Guest Services at (603) 783-4931 or online via Ticketmaster, and each qualifying purchase will receive a voucher to pick up the replica pace car on race weekend. July might look a long way away when you gaze out the window, but we hope the thought of your gift waiting for you on race weekend is enough to put a small, summer smile on your face as we wait for the grass (and asphalt) to appear.

Hang in their New England. The snow will melt, the temperatures will rise, and NASCAR will visit New Hampshire Motor Speedway again soon.