This month's employee spotlight shines on Josh Bisson, who is a Group Sales Account Executive at NHMS.  Josh took some time to answer a few questions about himself.

What are your job responsibilities at NHMS?

"I work in Group Sales.  My responsibilities are to sell large amounts of tickets to corporate clients or anyone looking to buy large amounts of tickets to give out to their employees to bring family and friends on race weekends."

When did you start at NHMS and what got you interested?

"I started full-time in February 2014.  I'd worked part-time since 2005 for my aunt, when she was a manager here.  I've really been in racing my whole life and grew up around cars.  Growing up my favorite drivers were Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace.  I dreamed of working in NASCAR or being around NASCAR since I was tall enough to walk, so it's something in which I've always been interested."

What do you like most about working here at NHMS?

"If I were to pick one thing: I really like interacting with all the different employees here.  We interact with a lot different departments, we help them and they help us. That really didn't happen in my work experiences before, so it was nice to come in to a job like this where we really work as a team to accomplish more.  You really get to see that on race weekend when you look and see the packed grandstands.  It's a nice feeling to know that you took part in that."

Who do you spend time with in your family and who is supportive to you?

"I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, Alyssa.  She pushes me to try harder.  There are up days and down days in Group Sales, and she's been there for me since I started working at NHMS.  She encourages me to try harder on the days that I really need an extra push.  My mother has always been supportive as well.  It's been nice having a strong backbone like them."

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

"I like going to the gym.  I also like riding my motorcycle.  I have a R6.  It's pretty fun, although I can't do too much with it right now with the snow still melting.  It's something that helps me clear my mind and reconnect with myself.  When I'm out there by myself, it gives me time to think and generate ideas of ways to sell tickets."