Thank you for participating in the recent #ILoveNHMS Twitter contest for the chance to wave the green flag during Friday's Sprint Cup qualifying.  Congratulations on being selected as one of the ten winners.

Please report to the base of the flagger stand in the middle of the Main Granstand and meet Hillarie (in a red NHMS polo shirt) by 3 p.m. this afternoon.  She will have a list of Twitters names, so please give her yours so she can cross it off.

Qualifying starts promptly at 3:10 p.m. (today, Sept. 23) and we will need you to arrive early so we have time to organize everyone.  Late arrivals won't have the opportunity to wave the flag.  Please understand that winners will not be able to choose the driver for which they wave the flag and that will be determined randomly.

It's our anticipation the weather will be good enough to hold qualifying.  If that's not the case, it will either be rescheduled or cancelled.  If you have any questions, please email and we will try to respond promptly.

@Ashley_Mercurio - Ashley Mercurio

@NascarColeen - Coleen

@jessea0956 - Jesse Stearns

@MegzMcGowen48 - Megan McGowen

@minkennett - Min Kennett

@rednckdaddy - Norm Welch

@TammyJo_G - TammyJo Girard

@brndout35 - Tom Bradley