Tis the season, to reflect and remember; Of moments in time, February to November.

It started at Daytona, a Great American race; But it was a pothole, that would change the place.

It started shortly after, the race in July; Now there's a new surface, to test and to try.

But let's not get ahead, look instead where we've been; To a season for the record books, the year of 2010.

Jimmie Johnson in Cup, he keeps adding to history; And Rowdy was hard to beat, with 24 total victories.

Thirteen came in Nationwide, which went to Brad K.; And just like Busch, he rubbed some the wrong way.

The Truck Series went, to the one called the Onion; But watch out in the future, for the grandson named Dillon.

It didn't take long, for the boys to have at it; Beatin' and bangin', retaliation must have it.

It was most evident, with Carl and Brad; At times it was ugly, others scary, all bad.

Then there was Jeff, mild-mannered Gordon; No shortage of names, no shortage of boredom.

Martin Truex Jr., Juan Montoya and Kurt; Another Busch, who can kick up the dirt.

But then a couple of names, you first would not think; Like Jimmie for instance, his friend and teammate.

Then there was Jeff, mild-mannered Burton; Push came to shove, but no punches for certain.

We held our breath, cars and trucks in the air; Slamming barriers, too, all be careful out there.

Flips and hits for some, others in flames; BK, Sadler and Kasey, a few of the names.

Halloween, Hallowdega, frightening for A.J.; The big track got him, as it did Ron Hornaday.

The spoiler made its return, replacing the wing; Most would agree, good riddance to that thing.

A restrictor plate opening, the largest by far; The introduction of, Nationwide's new car.

NASCAR in May, a great time of year; Back-to-back weeks, for Charlotte to cheer.

And with this year, there came something new; Some things old, some borrowed, some Petty Blue.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame, celebration of the past; And the five men, who made up the first class.

On May 11, they opened the door; NASCAR's history, for all to explore.

Then it came time, official enshrinement; Induction ceremonies, and touching moments.

The leaders Bill France, father and son; The King and Dale, not to be outdone.

And Junior Johnson, that ol' moonshiner; A great American hero, there's no one finer.

Then came October, time to vote again; A second class, of phenomenal men.

A patriarch, a patriot, and a Gang member; A Gentlemen and a Fox, who could win whenever.

Lee Petty, Bud Moore, Bobby Allison, too; Ned Jarrett and David Pearson, some say overdue.

Throughout the year, a driver baby boom; For all the new daddies, it's time to make room.

Sadler, Edwards, Johnson and Gordon; Montoya and Newman, congrats on the little ones.

Let us not forget, those who were lost; NASCAR will miss, for they all meant a lot.

For Les Richter, Richard Jackson and Suitcase Jake; Raymond Parks and Jeff Byrd, you can't be replaced.

And of course Jim Hunter, he was one of a kind; With a story to tell, we remember good times.

Let's talk Bristol, where you get more than a ding; 100 and counting, in the Tennessee bullring.

Bristol in August, as Thunder Valley roars; The heat's a stickler, the humidity soars.

And Rowdy was hottest, he went on a spree; Winning not one, not two, but can you believe all three?

Individual highlights, others made their mark; Like Jamie McMurray, right from the start.

The Daytona 500, a season can make; Adding the Brickyard, icing on the cake.

Kurt Busch he shone, brightest of all in May; The All-Star and 600, what more can you say?

Kevin Harvick was happy, DeLana near his side; Leading the points, regular season's best ride.

Denny Hamlin led all, eight victories it would be; But that race in Phoenix, more painful than the knee.

It came down to one race, and a battle of three; But lo and behold, again it was Jimmie.

That's five in a row, as he climbed from his car; Only two have more, need we say who they are?

It's the offseason now, but time that is fleeting; Coming soon 2011, a new season's greeting.

But until then when, Speedweeks comes our way; From NASCAR.COM, we say Happy Holidays.