At the fan Q&A Tuesday night in Concord, N.H., Dick Berggren asked Jeff Burton why his marriage had been so successful.  Burton's response:  "I've learned that if you're hearing impaired, you tend to stay married longer, and I don't hear very well, and I'm gone a lot, so those two things make my wife happy."

Burton and Clint Bowyer spent about an hour answering questions from Berggren and fans while visiting New Hampshire for a Goodyear Tire Test on Tues. and Wed.

Top quotes from other NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers that visited NHMS this week:

Clint Bowyer on Jeff Burton being from Virginia  "You guys have your own language, which by the way, I don't think he's from Virginia. His brother, there's no question, he's definitely from Virginia. Elliott Sadler, no question, he's definitely from Virginia. Him? (Points to Burton.) No, he's an impostor."

Connecticut native Joey Logano on visiting his hometrack: "Being from the northeast myself, it's always fun to come back up here, and you get to hear everyone's accent again, so I'm like, 'I feel right at home again' … plus we have some great lobster."

Jeff Gordon on tire testing: "It's always great to get on a track. If we could test at every track we would.  I love this track, it has been good to the 24 team over the years."

Matt Kenseth on falling through his broadcast chair while preparing for ESPN's NASCAR Now: "Man, I shouldn't have eaten so much at lunch."