Who Said It?

On Friday, 12 cars were involved in a multi-car incident on the backstretch during the afternoon portion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Preseason Thunder test session.  It unfolded when Marcos Ambrose slapped the wall on the backstretch after contact from Dale Earnhardt Jr., and the No. 9 of Ambrose bounced back into oncoming traffic.

"It was hardly even a bump," Ambrose said of the contact.  "It was just enough at the wrong angle, wrong time and (I) just went for a spin."

Gen-6 Fast Facts

- Manufacturers were given design leeway to allow their model to stand apart from the competitors.

- The camber in the rear end is now mandated at 3.5 degrees as opposed to 2 degrees and the sway bar has been removed meaning the car will no longer appear to drive sideways on the straightaways.

- The larger spoiler gives the car more rear grip.

- The cars are faster.  Track records will fall.