The SYLVANIA 300 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race isn't until Sunday, but the local media in New England got a jumpstart on race weekend in Tuesday's Mini-SYLVANIA Media Race. More than 10 members from print, television, and radio - as well as American-Canadian Tour driver Joey Polewarczyk - ascended to the Display Lot at the Magic Mile, where they raced each other at the Trackmaster's Extreme Go-Karts track.

"This is awesome," said Scott Petlock, owner and operator of the facility, which is open daily until 11 p.m. during race week. "We're happy to have Joey and the media here to test out our karts and get a feel for the course. We hope that they had as much the fans do during the week."

Polewarczyk was simply dominant, showing the same impressive driving skills on the short track as he has on the 1.058-mile oval, where he won the 2010 Bond Auto Parts ACT Invitational.

"I'm hoping this carries over to Saturday's race and we can win again," said Polewarczyk, who edged Dave Moulthrop of Gator Racing News for the title. "This was a lot of fun and it should provide a great opportunity for fans to come and do a little racing for themselves. It's very cool."

Moulthrop beat out Neal White of WZID's "New Hampshire in the Morning" and Bob Martin of the Laconia Citizen.

Other media participating in the event include sports anchor Jamie Staton of WMUR, Greg Kretschmar of WGIR/WHEB's "Greg and the Morning Buzz," Rebecca Ackerly of "New Hampshire Now" on WKXL, and Jon Roche and Peter Lanzillo of Hudson Community Television.

"I thought I might have had something for Joey at the end there," joked Moulthrop. "No, seriously. This was great time and neat way to start the week."