Standing next to the Governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, Susan Coliskey was one of 11 nervous participants standing before a crowd of nearly 100,000 people, waiting to open an oversized yellow envelope. At worst, Coliskey would win $5,000 from the NH Lottery Commission. But somewhere on stage, among the finalists in the "Million Dollar Giveaway," someone was holding a seven-figure prize. One million dollars, tax free.

Turns out, Coliskey (Weschester County, N.Y.) had to be told that she was holding the giant golden ticket. Understandably, disbelief was immediate and profound.

"I can't even think because when I first opened the envelope I thought it said $10,000, said Coliskey, "so I am just like, 'oh my goodness.' "

While everyone left the stage a winner, the unique giveaway actually started with a handful of hand-selected lottery scratch ticket losers. A random drawing among non-winning $20 dollar scratch tickets that were mailed into the lottery headquarters gave these gamers a second chance at some serious cash.

Eight envelopes would have $5,000 dollars, two winners would take home $10,000 dollars and one fortunate person would leave the stage with a huge bank deposit to make this week.

It was Coliskey, the grandmother from just outside of New York City. Afterwards, still in shock, Coliskey was asked what she was going to do with the money.

"There are a million things I can do with it, but basically take care of my family and my grandchildren," she said. "Down the road, my daughter's getting married, things like that. But I can't even think, I can't even think right now."