Dick Berggren, who worked his first NASCAR telecast in 1981 and has spent more than 40 years writing and reporting on motorsports, will retire when FOX ends the 2012 Sprint Cup portion of its broadcast schedule next week at Dover.

The 70-year-old Berggren was the founder of Speedway Illustrated magazine and is working on the creation of an auto racing museum celebrating Northeast motorsports at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

After next weekend, he’ll do what he always does when he’s not on the air—attending several races at local short tracks.

“After the FOX portion of the year ends, I’ve always traveled to local tracks where I still enjoy sitting in the stands with a hot dog in one hand and a beer in the other, watching the local heroes,” Berggren said in a news release. “I can’t get enough of local-level racing so I’ll do more of that now.”

Berggren, a fixture on NASCAR telecasts for years, joined FOX in 2001 when it secured rights to telecast the first portion of the NASCAR season.

“Life will be different without FOX,” Berggren said. “I’m very proud of having been part of the NASCAR on FOX broadcasts from the beginning. I’m dreading the 2013 Daytona 500 because I won’t be there on pit road as part of that team.

“That will be hard, but nothing is forever and I understand that. I’m looking forward to walking into the museum on the day it opens. That’s a whole new challenge and one I fully expect to conquer. But it’s time to move on.”