It sounds like the NFL players and owners are finally finding a way to preserve the 2011 football season.  After about 115 days of accusations, lawsuits, counterclaims and lots of hyperbole regarding the end of football as we knew and enjoyed it, both sides are talking and both sides are sounding upbeat. 

The latest media reports indicate a deal may be done within the next few days.  One thing that hasn't been a priority in the battle over billions is the most important part of any professional sport: the fans.

"I'm proud to be a part of a sport that doesn't lockout the fans, the drivers or the owners. There's no lockout at NHMS," said Jerry Gappens, executive vice president and general manager of the speedway.  "We embrace our fans and we strive to provide the best experience we can for racing enthusiasts. No missed races, no pulling the plug during the offseason, just racing."

Gappens, a major sports fan of all varieties, says he's pleased to see a resolution coming for the NFL.  "Don't get me wrong, I'll be cheering on my favorite players this season, just as I have done all my life.  But the battle over billions that threatened to cancel an entire season leaves me wondering about the players' and owners' true priorities."

Gappens is preparing for the LENOX Industrial Tools 301 on Sunday, July 17.  "Our show will go on and I am confident our fans won't have any kind of buyers' remorse."

The action-packed NASCAR weekend is just days away. Tickets are still available for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series LENOX Industrial Tools 301, the NASACR Nationwide Series New England 200, the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East New England 125 and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100. To purchase them call the NHMS ticket hotline at (603) 783-4931 or by visiting