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The concept behind "The Huge Facebook Deal Share" is simple.  You sign up, you get all your friends to sign up and if we get 1,000 to sign up for the deal by New Year's Eve 2011, everyone gets 20% off ticket purchases of four or more.

Signing up is easy.  You simply need to share the deal on your Facebook wall and then provide your full name (first and last) and a working email address.  Participants will be asked to confirm their registration and be notified about the deal via email, so please ensure the address is correct.  Assuming we can get the sign ups to 1,000, we'll send out an email with more details on how you can take advantage of the deal for the 2012 season.

If you're eager to get your renewals in, please do so!  In lieu of the discount, we'll offer one FREE pre-race pit pass (a $100 value) and the rest at 50%, if you've already purchased when the deal tips.

The sign up window will run through New Year's Eve 2011 but will be limited to the first 1,000 sign ups.  The key to this deal will be to bug and beg your friends to sign up.  Who cares if they aren't big race fans!?  We don't need all 1,000 to buy tickets, we just need 1,000 to sign up for the opportunity to buy tickets.

Then, once the deal is tipped, you can bug them again to buy.  Remember the first time you went to a race?  It only takes once to get hooked!  Start sharing!