While the National Football League makes the daily sports headlines with such negative news and total disregard for its fan base, the new NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season has started with great excitement and compelling storylines.  I’m sure you caught the drama and excitement of the Daytona 500.  So did a lot of fans. Overnight ratings for the big race were an 8.7, that’s up 13% from last year. Ratings continued to rise another six-percent during the Sprint Cup Series race at Phoenix International Raceway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway showed a huge 29% increase over last year.

More importantly, the on-track product is what is creating this exciting buzz! Record lead changes at each event, no repeat winners and drivers going for it, in early and mid-race dogfights with fellow competitors.    

The 30 million people who watched the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season kickoff means big things for the drivers, sponsors and diehard fans who might have been concerned about the future of the sport in our current economy.

Success is about momentum and so far, the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season has shown some very positive energy. 

If a 20-year-old kid winning the “Great American Race” wasn’t enough excitement for fans, a week later NASCAR veteran driver Jeff Gordon ended a 66-race winless streak to capture the checkered flag at Phoenix.

Trevor Bayne’s victory has a lot of people—including casual fans of our sport--talking about NASCAR again.  Is he the next great driver or a “one-hit wonder?”  Will he bring more young fans to the sport?  These are all questions that will be answered as the season continues—without lockouts, labor disputes and battles in a courtroom. Meanwhile, we, as fans, get to watch all the action on and off the track.

Aren’t you glad we not sitting talking about lockouts, Labor disputes in NASCAR? I’m so passionate about our sport and appreciate that our fans are the most loyal in all of sports.

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