As we gear down on our 2011 racing season, I want to thank all of you for making this year memorable and exciting.  I’ve been going through the many emails and letters you have sent me recently and wanted to share some of the feedback I have received about our events.  Our motto here is FansFirst and I take that very seriously.  We work very hard to try and make your experience exciting and memorable and your input is critical.

Kevin from Danbury, Conn. was one of hundreds who celebrated the arrival of our new scoreboard.  “I’m a huge fan of Greg Biffle.  He’s not always leading the pack and your old scoreboard could make it difficult to keep track of him.  I had to count cars to figure it out.  Now, I just glance at your scoreboard and that rocks.”            

Sarah from Springfield, Mass. said the bathhouse is a great addition. “When it opened last year, I was thrilled that campers could clean up easily and quickly. This year, our camping space was really far away from the bath house.  But we took the tram and the entire trip was easy and convenient.  I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.”    Sarah, you are welcome.

Jim and Tracey from Nashua, N.H. shared this that I wanted to pass along: “My husband isn’t as mobile as he used to be, but he doesn’t like to feel like he needs help.  We set out to walk from our parking spot along 106 to the main gate.  Along the way, Jim’s knee began to ache and we were having trouble.  One of your crew must have spotted us because next thing you know, there was a golf cart waiting across the street and we were able to hitch a ride all the way to the gates without even asking for the help.  Please thank the young lady who drove us to the grandstands and thank you for your kindness.”  

I share these not because I want positive feedback, I just want you to be a part of our conversation on what is right or what is wrong with NHMS.  Along with our newsletter, we've created a survey to get your feedback.  We want your ideas, your suggestions and your input.  What do you think about smoking in the grandstands.  Do you like the idea of tent camping at NHMS?  Our speedway is for your enjoyment and anything we can do to improve your experience will be on our list! 

We are already planning for the 2012 race season and your input will go into our master plan.  The LENOX Industrial Tools 301 is already set for July 15, 2012.  The SYLVANIA 300 is scheduled for Sept. 23, 2012.  We are planning special deals to honor the season ticket holders who have been with us for so many laps and so many years. We will also have some great offerings for those who are new to “The Magic Mile.” 

So, on behalf of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway family, thank you for a terrific 2011 season and stay connected to us, next year’s races are right around the bend.

PS: Make some time to stop by the speedway and check out our spectacular holiday light show Nov. 18 through Jan. 1.