Step 1:

Create a team with Yahoo! Fantasy Auto Racing.

Step 2:

Join the "Fans of NHMS" private group.

Step 3:

Register your team name to win prizes.

Step 4:

Follow The Granite Stripe for weekly fantasy previews.


New Hampshire Motor Speedway has renewed the “Fans of NHMS” fantasy auto racing league with the help of Yahoo! Sports.  The group will return for a second year after a successful 2012 season.

The league gives fans the opportunity to test their NASCAR knowledge against fellow fans, speedway employees and select media experts.  Max Giguere, from Saint-Georges, Quebec, won the inaugural season and received a small trophy for his efforts.  Executive VP/General Manager Jerry Gappens led all of his NHMS staff members with an impressive 26th-place finish in the group of 596 participants.

Participation in the game is easy and fun.  Fans will need to create a team for Yahoo! Fantasy Auto Racing and join the private group (Group ID: 30, Password: nhms).  Each week, fans will need to check back to select their drivers for the weekend’s Sprint Cup Series race.

The Yahoo! set up requires fans to pick a total of eight drivers (four of which will start and accumulate points) from three different tiers.  The group of eight must be selected by 5 a.m. ET on the morning of qualifying, and starters may be swapped with the bench up until the green flag drops.  NHMS does not control any scoring or deadlines, and any issues with the system should be directed to Yahoo! Help.

In 2013, NHMS will expand its prizes for participants.  Anyone interested in competing for prizes will need to register their team through the app on the New Hampshire Motor Speedway Facebook page.  This is a requirement because Yahoo! controls the administrative privileges for the league, so there is no way to contact participants directly through the league.

The season’s top-10 will receive a $50 speedway voucher that can be used toward 2014 tickets, camping or pre-race pit passes.  The overall winner will get a trophy and a $100 speedway voucher.  The winner of the Spring segment (Feb. 24-June 2) will receive two grandstand tickets to the New Hampshire 300 on July 14, the winner of the Summer segment (June 9-Sept. 7) will receive two grandstand tickets to the SYLVANIA 300 on Sept. 22 and the winner of the Playoff segment (Sept. 15-Nov. 17) will receive two grandstand tickets to a 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at NHMS.

The upcoming season is expected to be bigger and better for the “Fans of NHMS” group with more participants and more prizes.  We look forward to competing against our fans each week for NASCAR supremacy. 


Click here to view the official rules and regulations for winning prizes.