Hours of Operation

Friday: 9am - one hour after on-track activity

Saturday: 8am - one hour after on-track activity

Sunday: 7am – one hour after on-track activity


As promised this past offseason, NASCAR has unveiled a new and exciting form of merchandising that is in place in time for next month's SYLVANIA 300. This setup by Fanatics replaces the traditional row of souvenir haulers with a more modern-feeling mobile retail store.

Fanatics will be setup in the Hospitality Village, located right behind the Main Grandstands, so fans won't have to venture far from the old souvenir row location to do their shopping.

The concept behind this format is to allow better fan interaction with products before they buy. Much like customers would at retail stores, they can feel the material, hold up the product, and even try it on before purchase. Additionally, Fanatics has made a strong push to improve the women's and kids' selections.

At first glance, many fans expressed disappointment in losing the haulers, but since Fanatics rolled out its first display earlier this month, fans have shown a lot of excitement for it. The tent has separate driver-specific mini-stores and checkout areas. It also offers modern features such as product shipping and merchandise personalization.

For those still hoping to patronize a souvenir hauler, the NHMS and SMI Properties merchandise haulers will still have their traditional locations around the property. There will be several 25th Anniversary selections, and fans are encouraged to buy the commemorative merchandise before it sells out.