The lines of a 1963 Porsche 356 have stopping power. Like when an automotive aficionado is strolling along a line of classic cars and can’t help but stop and admire the sweeping curves of the vintage German roadster.

The effect is the same with a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette. But instead of the flowing lines of the 356, the Corvette looks as if it was chiseled from granite. A blue ’63 Stingray with bold white racing stripes almost dares one to climb in, buckle up and hold on.

These are the type of cars that have caused people to pause at New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Classic and Custom Car Show. The event annually attracts hundreds of vehicles of all shapes and sizes; and this year will be no different.

Classic and custom car owners love to show off their rides and you are invited to join the fun Aug. 18-19 when “The Magic Mile” will refer to the long lines of cars and trucks on display.

The event will include a number of classics, customs and hot rods from many of the area car clubs and participants will take a parade lap around New Hampshire Motor Speedway before lining up for visitors to enjoy their cars and trucks.

The vehicles will be shown and judged in 25 classes with prizes awarded to the top three in each class. And the owners know the ultimate prize offers the real bragging rights – the Best in Show award, which will be presented to the owner of one outstanding ride.

Rare British roadsters, serious American muscle, sleek German sports cars, Italian exotics, radical customs and bone-stock classics – they’ll all be at New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Classic and Custom Car Show Aug. 18-19. And there’s no better way to spend a summer weekend in New England, so make plans to attend today.