Mathew Bourgoine finished the 2011 Amsoil NELCAR race season with a trip to victory lane as he took the checkered flag at the prestigious 1.6 mile road course, at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). “The last lap felt like it would never end, but it did and it feels great to go into the 2012 season with that win under my belt.”

On April 21st the NELCAR Legends head to Unity Raceway for the first race of the season and, Bourgoine looks to start the 2012 race season exactly where he finished the 2011 season, with a trip to victory lane.

Mathew had a lot of success last season at Unity Raceway, with 4 top 3 finishes, including his 1st career win in the NELCAR Series.  Mathew considers Unity to be his home track; it is also one of the toughest tracks in Maine. “I know a few people that have raced at Unity Raceway and they taught me where to run on the track and told me over and over, “The key to go fast is to go slow” and it’s harder than it sounds.”

The drivers in NELCAR will be busy this season with 34 races at 8 different tracks throughout New England. Some weeks the NELCAR Series has 2 even 3 races, as Mathew gives his thought on the 2012 schedule, “I think it’s awesome but on the other hand, it doesn’t allow much time for repairs.”

Since every track is different the race teams spend a lot of time on the race car changing the setup for the next race.  Like a lot of legends drivers, Mathew is not only drives the car he is also the crew chief as he talks about setting up the car for different tracks, “It varies depending on if I have to change gears, springs, and etc.  The road course does take a lot more time, but just like anything the more you do it the faster you get.  I do most of the work on the car now, but when I first started, Terry Kirk helped me out a lot and still does. I feel like working on the car gives me an advantage on understanding the mechanics of the car and how it should handle.”

NELCAR does have 3 throw away races this season, which helps alleviate some of the pressure if a driver has a unfortunate wreck, or can’t get the car repaired in time for the next race it won’t hit that hard in the points standings.

Mathew came on strong at the end of last season winning the last 2 points races and finished 2nd in the NELCAR standings. This season Mathew is looking to win his 1st NELCAR Championship.  So come cheer on Mathew and the rest of the NELCAR legends as they head to Unity Raceway, and once again take on “Maine’s Toughest Track.”