Each week, the Granite Stripe gets fans ready for the upcoming race.  In this week's preview, the hosts take a look at the Darlington favorites in the broadcast and podcast,  power rank the hottest drivers and give a fantasy NASCAR run down.

Listen to the Granite Stripe Podcast (2013, Ep. 12): Talladega Recap, Darlington Preview

Jonathan and Gavin congratulate Front Row Motorsports on its surprising win, renew the Power Rankings debate and make their picks for Darlington.

Set your Yahoo! Fantasy Auto Racing lineup with the Fantasy Preview: Oh My Darling

As the trip through the South continues and the Sprint Cup Series unloads in Darlington, S.C., is there any reason to think that a track nicknamed "Too Tough To Tame" will be the one that provides a rare dull race?  I doubt it.

Join the debate of NASCAR's hottest drivers with this week's Magic Mile Power Rankings.

1. Matt Kenseth - Might catch a little flack around the office for this one, but he's led 52 percent of the last 859 laps over the last three races. And he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down after a 50-point penalty looked like it had all the makings of the kind of infraction to ruin an entire season. Right now, the No. 20 is the favorite to win it all.