Shaun Buffington, driver of the 23 legend car has won his 5th straight race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS).  Sunday morning prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup race the NELCAR Legends took to the track  to race on the 1/4 Mini Magic Mile.

The racing line up was set by qualifying practice time, Shaun’s teammate Tom Gray took the pole for the feature event. After qualifying the 23 team just made one adjustment to the car, Shaun said, “the carburetors were a little flat I think we had to much jet in it, so we changed carburetors for the feature. The track was greasy probably because of the heat, but it was loose for everybody so it was even.”

With Gray leading and, Buffington racing in second place, with Evan Beaulieu, and Alessandro Vitelli, right behind him, Shaun made the pass to take the lead once again at NHMS.  Though these 3 drivers battling for 2nd were not letting the 23 car get away, Shaun recalls “My car was loose, if I went in to far, or if I didn’t slow down enough they would have definitely got under me. I just had to keep from looking in the mirror, slower is faster and keep hitting my marks, I was able to pull a little gap when I did that, and who better to have behind you then your teammate, because you know he’s not going to drive through you.”

Over the last 2 season the NELCAR Legends have raced 7 times at NHMS, Shaun has won 6 of the races, 3 on the oval and 3 on the road course. When I asked him about being the Legends King here at NHMS he replied with a humble smile, “Not me, I wouldn’t call myself the king.”

Shaun and the rest of the drivers in the NELCAR Legends Series, are always there to lend a helping hand. “These young kids are just starting out, so I help them out whenever I can, with the setups, or lines on the track.  We all started somewhere and, I always help out If I can.”

NELCAR  returns to NHMS on July 23rd to once again, find a little magic!