In March, NHMS asked fans to submit their favorites memories of the Magic Mile as a part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration.  Over 200 submissions were received through the Facebook run contest and four were randomly selected as prize winners for the upcoming New Hampshire 301 on July 19.

To participate in future contests, please be sure to like New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Facebook.  Here are the stories of the four selected winners:

Kathy Ross (Massachusetts)

"I recall my best Valentine's Day in 2010 when my boyfriend and I spent that entire Sunday, rain delays and all watching the Daytona 500. I remember being on the edge of our seats and high fiving each other every time our favorites took the lead or were in the top-10. He is an Edwards fan and I have always been an Earnhardt Jr. girl. I will never forget surprising him with tickets to the September 2010 race at NHMS. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. We love to race each other when playing the NASCAR video games at the arcades, betting on who does the dishes when we get home. Of course I am a sucker for a good-looking guy, so even after I kick his butt in the game, I do them anyway.

"I had always told myself since I began watching NASCAR as a very young girl with my dad, that when I wanted to drive a race car someday. In my twenties I made a goal that on my 40th birthday I was going to do driving experience. Well, I am now 43, so I am making a new goal to do this before I am 50. My boyfriend tells me all the time that if we could afford it, he would give me this wish and I believe he would make this happen if he could. We were in the process the summer of 2014 to make plans to attend the September race at NHMS when he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer. He is currently in treatment and recovering from surgery. I would love to win a chance to make my dream true and for him to be able to witness it."

Mallory McPherson (Maine)

"I haven't missed a race at NHMS since 2001 (eight years old). The day my father got the call that a spot had opened up on the Reserved RV hill it was like Christmas day in our household. Ever since that day, the people, as I like to call them our "neighbors" have become family, and I look forward to the two weekends every year I get to spend with them. NHMS has become a huge part of my life, and I'll cherish these memories forever. This photo is of myself and my neighbor Frank. Security guards all around the track know his name. He's known for the countless pranks he's pulled over the years, and the never-ending spread of food his wife Karen puts on at their motor home. Some of the best memories I've had involve Frank. No wonder why they created t-shirts that said 'You haven't drank until you partied with Frank.'"

Cindy Woodward (New Hampshire)

"A few years ago as we approached the ticket office, my husband asked if I recognized the older gentleman sitting alone in a golf cart. Not as avid a racing fan, I did not. While Dave went in to renew our tickets, I approached the cart as I knew my husband was in awe and shy. The gentleman was very gracious. Soon Dave reappeared because he could not pass up the opportunity to meet Mr. Bobby Allison. The two shared racing memories, laughed and chatted. In the midst of 100,000 people, we stumbled upon a racing legend and enjoyed a moment unfettered by the passing crowds; in Loudon; at NHMS."

John Theriault (New Hampshire)

"I have been so fortunate to go to every July race for 15 years. My most memorable time is when I got 4 tickets and got to take my two and four-year-old to the track! They are three and five now but the fun they had, the staff and patrons were great!  To be a race fan, to take your young kids to the track, I'll never forget that day.  I was almost an adult the first time i went."