The green flag has dropped on the 22nd Annual Vintage Racing Celebration. 

Today and tomorrow, take in the sights and sounds of racing as it was during the early years. This historically significant race field will take on the 1.058 “Magic Mile” oval, featuring vintage midgets, sprint cars, champ cars, roadsters, NASCAR stock cars and even INDY cars.  

“Witness the sounds that you don’t get to hear anymore,” says Ray Boissoneau, a diehard vintage racer. “The old ones you get the Caster oil, you get that smell in your nostrils, and you get a chance to see, hear and smell cars you’d never have a chance to see.” 

Come on down and mingle in the pits, peek under the hoods and visit the garage area for an up-close look at the men and women who dedicate their time to preserving the rich history of auto racing.

The 2012 Annual Vintage Racing Celebration continues through Sunday and the Road Course Days will begin Saturday.

Adult tickets for the entire 4-day event are $25 or $10 for daily admission. Children’s tickets for those aged 12 to 16 are $5 per day and those 11 years old and under are free. Tickets can be purchased at the gate on each day of the event.

Schedule of events is availble here.