Think Nationwide Drivers will have a heavy foot this Independence Day weekend? If money drives competition, then the answer will be YES. NASCAR is launching its annual Dash 4 Cash competition, giving one talented driver a shot at winning $1 million dollars this summer…and fans can get a big cut of the prize money.

The first pile of cash will be given out at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 12.

Here's the rundown: the fastest four full-time Nationwide drivers at Daytona's July race will qualify for the 2014 "Dash 4 Cash". The following weekend, the show comes to New Hampshire. This is where it gets fun and lucrative. The four Nationwide drivers will have a race within a race. The best finisher of the four will drive away with $100,000.

Want in? Good. Fans can sign up for a "Dash 4 Cash" sweepstakes.  Four lucky fans and a guest will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the final D4C event at Iowa Speedway August 2nd. The four fans will be randomly paired with the four eligible D4C drivers for that race, and the fan whose driver wins the D4C award will also go home with a check for $100,000.  

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It's that simple. A couple minutes online, the right driver, and some free time in August to visit Iowa are all you need to participate in Nationwide's big cash giveaway.

Think about it: the race turns into a giant ATM machine and you can celebrate just like you won the race. Last year, Brian Vickers took home the fat wallet and Pam Nabors, a fan from California, won $100,000. Her life changed in the span of one race. Yours can, too. On second thought, don't sign up … if your name is on the list, we have less chance of winning ourselves!