For six weeks, the New England racing community has sat around on their couch and watched NASCAR, INDYCAR and Formula 1 race in other parts of the country (world, in F1's case).  Not this weekend!

As all three of those series are off and NASCAR takes its first break of the season, it's our New Hampshire Motor Speedway that will provide thrills for fans.  The third-annual FANtasy Drive Open House on April 7 allows fans to hit the track for some laps in their own cars, as well as get VIP access to the infield, suite levels and hospitality areas of NHMS.

One event that keeps kids coming back every year is the Egg Hunt run by our mascot, Milo the Moose.  In honor of Milo's Egg Hunt, let's take a look at some of the different kinds of eggs that one might find during a hunt around a Sprint Cup Series garage.  It'll be a good week to do it since all is quiet in the NASCAR garages.

Cadbury Creme Egg - The crème de la crème, best egg out there.

Tony Stewart - Tony doesn't usually race well until later in the year.  If history says he has yet o hit his stride, it can't bode well for the rest of the field that the reigning champ has won two of the season's first six races.  With the way the Wild Card works, those two wins more or less assure him a Chase spot, even though he's less than a quarter of the way through NASCAR's "regular season."  He could well be on his way to a repeat this season.

Candy Egg - The plastic egg is filled with goodies that includes jelly beans and chocolate.

Michael Waltrip Racing - The MWR garage has produced a few treats this year.  Martin Truex Jr.'s four top-10s are tied for the most in the series, Clint Bowyer has made a smooth transition and sits in ninth and the No. 55 split by Mark Martin and Brian Vickers seems to do better than worse on a weekly basis.

Chocolate Egg - This is always a tasty treat.

Denny Hamlin - The crew chief swap to Darian Grubb seems to have worked well for the No. 11.  Hamlin has already won a race and generally seems to have a car that's running near the front on most weekends.  After looking like melted chocolate last year, the 2010 Sprint Cup runner-up looks to be back in solid form.

Eggs Benedict - A true Sunday speciality.

Greg Biffle - The points leader doesn't seem to be getting the credit he deserves, but he shows up and turns out a great finish every single Sunday and hasn't finished worse than 13th.  All he needs now is a little Hollandaise sauce!

Decorated Egg - This colorful orb stands out from the crowd.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. - No driver is more analyzed for his every move than Junior.  This year, however, he's racing very well and sits in second place in the standings.  Dare I say that he might even snap that epic winless drought in the not too distant future?  With three top-fives in six races, he's rarely far from Victory Lane!

Hard-Boiled Eggs - No one is excited to find these, but they're ready to go.

Kevin Harvick and Matt Kenseth - Both sit in a four-way tie for third place in the standings with 214 points.  Harvick seems to be hyped as the guy to beat every week and people get disappointed when he doesn't win, so they're not as excited that he's still turning out good finishes.  Kenseth won the Daytona 500 (again!), but still seems to be the kind of guy that most people notice only with a second glance.  Both are good to go after a championship at any point.

Uncooked Egg - It's nothing special, but you can turn it into something good.

Carl Edwards - Sitting 11th in the standings with three top-10s in six races, "Cousin" Carl has been very normal.  I expect he's going to turn on the heat and perhaps cook himself into an appetizing dish with some hash browns and bacon, but for right now, he's just kind of sitting on the kitchen counter.

Cracked Egg - Oops!  This one either needs to be cooked immediately or thrown out.

Jeff Gordon - As much as I expect the No. 24 to recover and make the Chase, he has 11 spots and 53 points to make up on the 10th and final automatic bid.  He's going to need to start sizzling sooner than later.

Melted Chocolate Egg - Bummer! A messy liquid that has lost its form.

Kyle Busch - He usually dominates the "regular season" part of the year and melts down in the Chase.  It's not good that he hasn't seemed to be able to piece together good finishes early.  So far, he's finished 32nd and 36th due to accidents and finished 23rd in another race.  He's 16th in the standings and needs to regain his shape.

Rotten Egg - Something here smells badly.

Kasey Kahne - Anytime you have races where you end up in a wreck on pit road (Martinsville) or need to ducktape the number back onto your car (Bristol), you're facing some bad luck.  But, excuses aren't going to put Kahne back in contention.  He has 93 points and he's 97 points out of an automatic Chase bid.  Even at six races in, it's a little late in the year to have less than half the points you need for the Chase.