Hello Generation-Six No. 48 Lowe's Chevrolet,

My name is Jimmie Johnson.  My friends call me "Five-Time," because I once won five consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup championships.  I'd recommend that you not get too used to referring to me by the number of championships I've won, as that number is continually increasing.  If it's okay, I'd like to call you "Gen-6."

I'm writing to welcome you to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and I'm excited by the prospect of competing with you each week going forward.  My former soul mate, the Car of Tomorrow, served me very well.  Crew chief Chad Knaus and the rest of my No. 48 team always had her running to perfection by the end of the season, in time to make a run at another championship.

Entering 2013, NASCAR told me that I needed to end my loving relationship with the darling I referred to simply as "C.O.T."  While I will miss my success with her, I want you to know that my heart is completely with you now.  The relationship with that Generation 5 vehicle was great while it lasted, but I understand that you are new and improved and that your existence is a positive step for NASCAR.

Let me compliment you on your looks.  You must work out, because you look far sleeker and trimmer than my last ride.  That's great to see, as I consider myself quite the athlete myself, and I know we'll go fast together.  I also appreciate you putting my name on your body, as together we can help the race fans see who is running up front.

The first track we visit is Daytona International Speedway.  I won this race in 2006, but I'm sorry to say that this track isn't usually very nice to cars like you.  My C.O.T hated this track, getting her nose broken many times over the years.  Because of that, we're staying away from drafting with the pack during test sessions.  Chad has said he thinks this is best for your health and I can't help but agree with him.  C.O.T. always trusted his decisions and I know that you will come to do the same.

Please don't worry about skipping the drafting practice.  I've participated in enough of these events that I'm confident I'll be able to maneuver to the front when the time is right and take you to victory lane in our first race together. The Daytona 500 is considered our biggest event of the season, and I just know you'll love seeing the checkered flag in front of all those fans.

Many people have said that our relationship will not go as well as it did with C.O.T.  Those people have stated that they're tired of me winning championships and they're glad that I'm being forced into a relationship with you.  I don't view it that way at all.

Between me and you, I'm expecting even more success than I had with C.O.T.  In his meetings with you, Chad has said you're a pleasure to work with and I'm fully confident that after a two-year drought, we're going to get back to being the team to beat in NASCAR.

Welcome to the No. 48 team, Gen-6.  Take a look around the shop and check out the trophy case that we're expecting to fill.  It's a pleasure having you here.



Jimmie Johnson

Team No. 48 Driver
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series