We like it up here in New Hampshire, most of the time at least.  We have a phrase: "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

We're an outlier when it comes to NASCAR tracks.  We have full seasonal changes.  In the summer, we see the heat that breeds hot laps.  But in the winter, when NASCAR is out of sight, albeit never out of mind, we get to enjoy our snowsports.

Snowmobiling.  Skiing and riding.  Sledding, for the kid that still lives inside of us.  We have White Christmases, snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes.

At least, we did.

This year, it snowed just in time for Christmas. A few pre-New Year's storms later, and we were well on our way to the harsh winter, the kind that make the first roar of an engine in early spring just that much sweeter.

At least, that's what we thought.

Last Friday, it poured.  On Saturday, it rained a little more.  On Sunday, it got foggy.  On Monday, temperatures approached 60.  Today, it looks like late March, and we're wondering if maybe we missed the command to fire engines.

Is it winter or spring?

It's only January 15.  Winter isn't supposed to be half over, and it probably isn't, but we're stuck in the weird purgatory of Mother Nature.

It'll be another two and a half weeks before Punxsutawney Phil pokes his little groundhog head out to assess the weather, but our inner-weatherman is already assessing the next step.

It's too cold to auto race, but it's too warm to snowmobile.

There's too little ice to skate, but there's too much ground covered to golf.

The roads are too salty for a bicycle, but a car's snow tires are laying a gas milage-ruining amount of rubber on the asphalt.

Here at NHMS, we have green grass showing next to a pile of plowed snow.

Can we finally put to rest the whole argument of whether Global Warming is a myth?  Seriously.  If you still think that, look out the window, please!  If you don't have a window nearby, look at this photo:

That was taken today.  It'd be hard to stop Darrell Waltrip, if he said, "Let's go racing, boys."  You have to figure that top groove will clean itself up during a few pace laps, right!?

... Uh oh!  Hold on there, D.W.

As I said, it's New England.  In the five minutes you've been reading this, the weather has changed.

The weatherman is now calling for up to six inches of snow tomorrow.

Back into the groundhog hole we go, race fans.